The Ideal Family Service is On-air in Nepal

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Prepared by FFWPU Nepal

Our Saturday fellowship broadcasting; is a 50-minute program produced in the National Television Channel (News 24), since November 2016. And every time, the cameramen from News 24 come to our FFWPU Headquarters in Kathmandu for filming. Since the beginning, we had 5 series of Saturday fellowship services, already broadcasted in Nepalese.

The name of this project is “Ideal Family Service” and it is on-air every last Saturday of the month and you can also watch it in youtube.

The purpose of this project is to connect and re-connect to all the blessed families and members, Associate member and Ambassador for Peace, who are living in the very remote area and couldn’t join fellowship service properly. And also we hope it can be a channel to proclaim about True Parents and their teaching, through media.

Through this project, we want to educate the whole nation of Nepal and spread the word of True Parents all throughout Nepal and also to reach out our brothers and sisters living abroad. This project is not only to spread True Parents’ direct words but also it is a channel to inform the latest news update of Unification church throughout the world from International Peace TV and our local activities and in relation to all our providential organization.

Special Envoy to Nepal, Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, is the first speaker in this program and he talks about the importance of True Parents life and Lineage.

Guest speaker, former prime minister, RT. Hon. Lokendra Bahadur Chand said, Father Moon teaching is undeniable, Father Moon has very good vision for the sake of our nation and to the world. If we make our family better, we live better.”

Rt. Hon. Madhav Kumar Nepal, former prime minister, “also spoke about True Father’s teaching during the HTM Blessing and he said that, we are enjoying of living together in 3 generations, do not break this culture, let us know more Father Moon teaching on how to preserved our true identity.”

FFWPU Nepal has thousands of members who already have participated in 7-day, 21-day and 40-day Divine Principle seminars. Moreover, we have large numbers of Heavenly Tribal Messiahs who has completed their 430 couples blessing; with many blessed couples who have completed their 40-day separation and 3-day ceremony.

When they watch the coverage, many of them went to the National TV offices and asked if they can have the copy of video to watch again.


Viewers’ Reflection

“I’m 65 years old and I have much experience and saw many families are breaks up day by day. I saw this ideal family service program first time in my life on News 24 TV. I learned the lesson through all the topics and research about family. Especially, I learned from the max jukes and Jonathan Edward Family’s example that how to help for building the nation. I believe now only the Ideal Family is the key to rich a Peaceful Nation. Before I just believe that family is the first school of tradition but now I can say that family is first school and the key for the world of Peace. Actually I can’t find any word to fully express about the work Moon family have done for the world peace.I think, it will be good if we can watch this education program possibly every week through TV, because all the Nepalese can watch in their home and they can practice the method and build their families, where is the beginning point for the dream of the world peace to be realize.”

I was participated the Blessing Program and others programs also. Normally my family couldn’t participate at the weekly Sunday service, as well as other related events. So I’m very happy that, FFWPU Nepal had started this TV program on Saturday. Saturday is our holiday so our family can watch the TV program and in this way we can be updated about what is happening in our nation and throughout the world. And we also can share about that with others as well. I hope this program will be the best way to witness our families and neighbors.

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  1. Congratulation! I hope we can ahbe this kind of development in many nations!

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