Thailand: Pure Love Campaign

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By FFWPU Thailand

More than 1,000 students, teachers, government join Pure Love Rally and Demonstration in Provincial level ‘POWER OF PURE LOVE FAMILY DAY’ at Surin City, Surin Province with the presence of chief guest, Surin Provincial Governor, directors of important government organization of Surin and many school directors and administrations of Surin City. They all joined together to express the unity and determination to support FFWPU to promote Pure Love and Ideal Family Movement guided by True Parents in Surin.

Pure Love Thailand become official co-host project between Ministry Education, UPF Thailand and YFWP Thailand since May last year. There was successfully launching of Pure Love Surin in July 2016 in front of 1,600 students, teachers and governments at Ratchamongkhol University Auditorium and continuously education and activities of Pure Love Surin more than 40 schools.

Thousands of students and teachers demonstrate and walk rally to the main streets of Surin city to express their determination to honor the late King Bhumiphol the Great and promote Pure Love & Ideal Family, especially TP’s teaching on 4 great realms of heart and filial piety to all people in Surin. This demonstration organized on Valentines’ day which FFWPU Surin and governments want to promote new meaning of Valentines’ day which should be the day of filial piety and fidelity in the family and society. Then, they gather at Surin Provincial Mall, follow by Musical dance and Thai Traditional dance by young artist group and senior citizen association of Surin

Teacher Plangsri Mullasart, Chairman of Advisor committee of FFWPU Surin gave welcoming remark, Mr.Samereng Boontoh, Director of High School Department of Surin, Ministry of Education gave reporting remark. Then, Mr. Attaporn Singhaichai, Govenor of Surin gave opening remark, he expressed his admiration and support to FFWPU to promote Pure Love and family value to people of Surin.

Many VIPs and supporters come to give support the vision of Pure Love and the work of FFWPU that should be expanded to all schools, young people and families in Surin. These are included monk; Teacher Prasong Suphasai, director of FFWPU Surin; Mr.Wanchai Sonchaisakul, Deputy National Leader and HTM Surin.