Taiwan: Experincing the Culture of Heart

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Prepared by FFWPU Taiwan

We held a volunteer’s workshop at the Taida youth center on March 11, 2017. We had 40 participants including 14 new guests. Our main guests are students from National Taiwan University and Taiwan University of Science and Technology which are prestigious universities.

With many experiential activities, participants could feel love and culture of heart from staff and blessed families’ sincere investment in the workshop. Every new guest taken cared by one senior members as the coach.

In their reflections, participants shared that they were so happy to realize that their inner heart could be seen and felt through reading of the poems. Through experiential activities, they also experience that the power of the positive language can go beyond the limits of the body.

During the workshop, each participant shared their heart story with their coach. All day they could experience the unexpected sense of well-being. They felt the culture of love which something different from the knowledge they have learned in the campus.

All the new guests promised to come to Taida Youth center to study Divine Principle and join the service projects.