Program Name: CARP AMERICA, STEP UP (Student EmPowerment through Unification Principles)

  • A transformative experience in CARP’s Student Empowerment Seminar.

Country: USA

Program Location: Campus of university or chosen location

Affiliated Departments:

  • CARP, Youth Education, Witnessing, Divine Principle Education, Unification Theology Education

Contact info:

  • Name: Nina Taupier-Urbonya (International Liaison)
  • Email:
  • Phone number: 1 (517) 944-3858

Website Homepage: CARP USA   International Users

Materials and medium used, (Video, Books, PPT, Website): manual, workbook, website.

Program Objective: Learn to apply the 7 Core principles of CARP.


  • Active listening exercises
  • interactive and facilitated activities
  • life coaching (This is an optional service helping answer questions about dealing with obstacles and struggles)

Reason for recommending this program:

  • This program teaches practical steps to apply the teachings of the Divine Principle. It is a facilitated program where you can track your daily progress. You don’t just learn the Divine Principle intellectually but learn to apply it immediately and directly in your daily life. This program is guest friendly and can be a great witnessing tool.


  • 9 different CARP chapters in America, can be tracked through UP Points, learn to lead a better life and impact our communities. (Explanation for UP points can be found on the website.)

Approx. cost for running the program:

  • No information given, but there is the cost for a site administrator, cost for hiring a life coach (but it is not required for every session), and cost of materials used.


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