Solomon Island: Visiting Blessed Families and Youths’ Revitalization

Prepared by FFWPU Solomon Island

The family and youth revitalization program was started by the young members at the Kolaridge Leadership Training Center, Honiara, Solomon Islands centered on Special Envoy Rev. Goo and national leader Rev. Arnold and Jessica.

There are 15 young members who joined last year. They decided to live in the center together with us. This month we arranged to visit all elder and young blessed families every Tuesday. Since then, with the young members in our center, we have visited 4 elder blessed families and received internal guidance from them. The young members were inspired by listening to the testimonies and encouragements from the elder blessed families. In the other hand elders were also happy saying that “this kind of program is really reviving for us to see young members coming to visit us and sharing their words of appreciation, reminding us of when we were young in the past.”

The elders’ testimonies and words of encouragement created heavenly energy that the environment would always filled with Heavenly Parent and True Parents’ love and blessing. Members shed tears during the gathering as the testimonies were shared and laughter arises when the elders share their experience.

Young members at our center, usually do witnessing every Wednesdays and Fridays. We also have two 1-day Divine Principle workshop during February 2017 and educated a total of 23 students. Most of the participants were University students and few were high school students. Five of those students continue to study until part 2 of the Divine Principle now and were also introduced to True Parent’s life course.

Choir group during Sunday Service

Our Sunday services are very lively because the choir is very active this year, always in front preparing the spiritual environment through their beautiful performances. The estimated total numbers of people that attend Sunday Service for February were around 120 people every Sunday.

Our goal is to double our investment in terms of visiting members, and invite more students to study Divine Principle and organize a 7-day Divine Principle workshop, and later a 21-day in March. Lastly to improve our choir more, and have 150 people attending our Sunday services people. We will do our best for the Victory of Vision 2020. Aju

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