Shehaqua Family Camp

Program Name: Shehaqua Family Camp

  • Shehaqua Family Camp, apart from most other camps, is a program designed for the whole family, not just children or youth of a certain age. It is an independent, grassroots organization inspired by the life and ministry of Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon.

Country: USA

Program Location: Hickory Run State Park, located in the Pocono Mountains

Affiliated Departments: Family Education, Youth Education

Project Director:

  • Michael Stewart, Rob Sayre (Founding families of the Sheqhaqua family).

PD Email/Contact info:

Website: Shehaqua Family

Materials and Media used (Video, Books, PPT, Website):

  • PPT and a variety of sports, crafts activities

Program Objective:

  • Our mission is to build an authentic community where families can experience God’s heart through self-discovery, principled relationship, and the purity of nature.


  • Camp for the whole family! Family Camp is mainly in the summer but there is also Harvest Festival, Winter Retreat, and Spring Gathering, something special for each season.

Reason for recommending this program:

  • This camp is a family affair! Parents and children share a few short days together within nature. This is a time where parents and children can be in a relaxed and fun environment and see each other in a different environment and learn new things about each other and themselves.
  • Family members usually leave camp with a renewed appreciation for each other based on their shared experience of God-centered relationships and the purity of nature.


  • This camp program has been running for 20 years and more youth and families join every year.

Approx. cost for running the program:

  • Fees for registration depend on the age of the participant and whether or not they bring just their own children or other kids. Prices range from $5.00-$155.00USD per person. There are day fees, partial day fees and overnight stay fees. The camp is run on registration fees, and private donations.


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