Hong Kong: Second Generation Family Seminar

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Prepared by FFWPU Hong Kong

On March 12, 2017, we held a second generation family seminar with the topic: Heavenly Parenting. Our lecturer, Mrs. Raenette Pang spoke on the purpose, goal and basic foundation of raising heavenly children covering the contents below:

  1. Foundation before Conception
  2. Heavenly Conception, Pregnancy and Birth
  3. Children’s Development
  • Foundation of Trust (0-12 Months)
  • Foundation for Good Habits (12-36 Months)
  • Developing Conscience and Sense of Responsibility (3+ years)
  1. True Parents’ Guidance to True Children
  2. How to teach children about Invisible God
  3. Practical Tips for child raising


  • “I learned a lot about the proper mindset of being a parent and how I can better educate my future children to become kids that make Heavenly Parent and True Parents Proud.”
  • “I appreciate Aunt Raenette’s generosity in sharing about her precious experiences of raising her children.”
  • “I learned how I should make the invisible God visible to my children through my words and actions.”
  • “I think this workshop was perfect for Blessed Second Gen. Here we learn how to treat our next generation like God’s children.”

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