Raising Children to the Blessing and Public Mission: A Personal View

A testimony given during the leaders’ assembly 2015

By David Hanna, PhD

(David is currently the director of the Blessed Family and Education Department in Europe.)


I do not seek to hold my family up as any kind of example, but will share some points from our experience as parents that hopefully others may find useful. Circumstances and opportunities vary greatly from family to family, and it is not possible much of the time to say for sure what exactly in the nurturing process contributes to perceived success or failure. Because of this, and because of the unseen dimensions of our spiritual life, we know that making comparisons can be very unwise – all I can say is that somehow, by God’s grace, our children have found a path by which they can receive the Blessing and be voluntarily part of this extraordinary Kingdom-building process centered on True Parents. As parents we are very grateful for that.

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