Pure Mind online


Program name and introduction: PureMind.online

  • An online program to help individuals struggling with pornography, masturbation or sex addiction and similar habits. The program is run through online resources, counseling and group support.

Country: USA

Program Location: Location required only when holding a seminar

Affiliated Departments: Witnessing, Family Education, Youth Education

Project Director/Donors: John R. Williams, David Young, Justin Okamoto.

Contact info:

Website Homepage: Pure Mind online

Materials and Medium used:

  • Internet based program, webinar classes, reflection journal writing, APP press alarm (group members hear the alarm and call to help talk down individuals), education workbook.

Program Objectives:

  • To provide ongoing support and resources in creating and teaching a healthy sexual lifestyle.
  • To overcome pornography, masturbation and sex addiction.


  • Individuals who want to free themselves from the clutches of pornography and masturbation but feel ashamed to do so can start the program on their own in full secrecy.
  • Recovery program has group support
  • program is specific for woman, men, and married individuals

Reason for recommending this program:

  • This is a bold and sensitive issue that people find hard to talk about, and which churches find difficult to address publicly. However, the donors have done a professional and systematic job in organizing the right information to give help through the internet for those who are ashamed or want to hide this struggle but desire help secretly.


  • Breaking free from the shame and guilt of having to deal with pornography and masturbation before and after marriage.
  • Learning about how the brain functions and understanding techniques that can help free us of unwanted habits, ‘brain science.’
  • Internet traffic, since September of 2015 viewership has expanded to 300-500 viewers daily.

Approx. cost to run the program/how funds are created:

  • Training mentors can start at $1800USD (to receive certificate qualification). They have a team which consists of a visionary, facilitator (who are sometimes volunteers), individual who focuses on sales or monetization, content developer and website administrator.


  • The photos below are of the seminar on the awareness of pornography and sex addiction. 40 FFWPU pastors and leaders attended, having the opportunity to share valuable information, teachings and methods they used in order to heal those struggling with these problems, during the breakout sessions. Through this sharing the PureMind.Online website boomed from 30 viewers a day to 300-500 viewers a day.

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