Project Phoenix

Program Name: Project Phoenix

  • Empowering Inter-Generational Relationships (1st and 2nd gen.) to bring unity and create authentic relationships for networking, developing and working on ideas to create the substantial kingdom.

Country: USA

Program Location: Location changes every seminar

Affiliated Departments: Youth Education, Adult Ministry

Contact Person:

Website: Origin Partnership

Materials and Media used (Video, Books, PPT, Website):

  • PPT, interactive sharing through testimonies and table discussions

Program Objective:

  • Origins Partnership strives to incubate and support ideas and projects that model and teach revolutionary principles and solve real world problems. Their vision is to include the Unificationist audience initially and then extend our reach beyond the Unification community.


  • coming together of generations to resolve resentment
  • working together, networking to substantially build the kingdom
  • workshop attendance is through invitation only (for now because they won’t be able to accommodate open registration, just too many participants)

Reason for recommending this program:

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation need to work together in order to build the substantial CIG. However, there may be generational gaps, misunderstandings and resentment causing barriers. This program is a step in realizing that each generation has tremendous ability, wisdom and education to offer; working together is not only a possibility but important in substantiating CIG.


  • Through the planned activities barriers of misunderstanding and resentment are brought down between the 1st and 2nd Gen. Unificationists. This renders future planning possible. There were 120 participants at the first conference, half 1st Gen and half 2nd Gen. (Testimonials are available).
  • Creating a network between 1st Gen and 2nd Gen professionals and having the opportunity to receive wisdom, guidance and new opportunities from those who have been successful in their professional fields.

Approx. cost to run the program:

  • The fee was $200 for the weekend/individual, including room and meals.
  • The event total costs came to about $23,000 USD.
  • Raised about $8000 USD in private donations to cover the cost of the scholarships to the young people.
  • $3000 USD was donated by FFWPU-USA.


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