Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA) in the Philippines

Re-Launches Chapter in Cebu

By: Elias Soria and Julius Malicdem


Pursuant to the goal of expanding substantial foundation towards realizing Cheon Il Guk, PWPA in the Philippines have initiated expansion programs in key strategic places nationwide. In line with this, PWPA Cebu Chapter was formally organized and activated last March 18, 2017 during the 1-day Conference held in the Cebu City with the theme, “Trailblazing Innovative Pathways to Peace & Development.” There were 52 Deans, Professors and Teachers who attended from 17 different Universities, Colleges and National High Schools all over Cebu including some representatives from neighboring provinces like Negros Oriental and Bohol.

As envision by our True Parents, PWPA should be the lead providential organization to mobilize intellectuals who devote their lives to the advancement of human wisdom and enable them to play a leading role in promoting a world of peace. Since its re-launching last December 14, 2014, PWPA Philippines which was held in a conference with the keynote address delivered by Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Regional Chair of UPF Asia and with prominent guests like Dr. Alex B. Brillantes, Commissioner of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in the Philippines, Dr. Jocelyn de la Rosa Andaya, Director of Secondary Education, Bureau of Secondary Education, Department of Education in the Philippines, Mrs. Ursula McLackland, Seretary General, UPF Asia, Dr. Vincent K. Fabella, President, Jose Rizal University and Dr. Fe Batoon, Chancellor, University of Rizal System. Since then, several Research Colloquium were held. Some of these were the program held last August 15, 2015 with the theme “Promoting Excellence in the Academe through Collaborative Efforts” hosted by Colegio de San Juan de Letran in Manila City and another one held last February 5, 2017 which was hosted by De la Salle University of Lipa in Batangas province which was attended by 43 participants from eight (8) Colleges and Universities.

Presentations conducted during the 1-Day conference held last March 18, 2017 in Cebue included session on “Morality in Crisis; Challenges to Educators” with Mr. Richel Jalipa as main presenter and with two panelists: an Evangelical Bishop, Bp. Joy Bendoy, Ph.D., and a Principal and a Retired Department of Education Superintendent Dr. Carmencita Tan. The highlight of the event was the election of PWPA Cebu Officers and the oath-taking ceremony. Dr. Venus Agustin, President of PWPA Philippines and Archbishop Elias Soria, Secretary General of PWPA Philippines administered the oath of office for the newly elected officers, with Dr. Jose Lim as the President.

Plans of the PWPA in the Philippines for the year 2017 include: Publishing of the maiden issue of PWPA Philippines Journal from the proceedings of December 2014 and Feb 2017 Research Colloquiums; conducting of the 3rd PWPA Research Colloquium which will hosted by University of Marikina, PWPA Educational Tour in Cambodia; PWPA Educational Tour August 9-12 in Sun Moon University , Seoul, Korea and a possible conduct of the PWPA ASEAN International Conference at the end of the Year 2017.

Through PWPA and in collaboration with other providential organizations in the Philippines, we intent to stabilize and strengthen the environment for witnessing in order to advance the providence of restoration towards Vision 2020.


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