Prof. Yeon Ah Moon Speaks at Clifton Family Church, USA

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Prepared by FFWPU USA

On Sunday, March 12, 2017, Professor Yeon Ah Moon, President of Women’s Federation for World Peace International (WFWPI), gave the sermon at the Clifton Family Church of New Jersey.

The main chapel and fellowship hall of the church were filled with Unificationists eager to hear Professor Moon’s message. Professor Moon talked for almost an hour on themes that were clearly very dear to her heart: the significance of True Parents to God, her continuing journey to understand their value and heart, the importance of understanding God’s wish, circumstances, and heart at any given moment, and True Parents’ deep and unique love for every one of us.

After the service concluded and she had personally greeted almost every member of the congregation on their way out, Professor Moon met with those members of the community who were either widows and widowers or who had lost family members, sharing a heartfelt message as a fellow widow whose husband, Hyo Jin Moon, eldest of True Parents’ sons, ascended nine years ago.

Finally, Professor Moon met with youth and young adults from Clifton and neighboring communities. Seeking to offer advice as an elder sister who grew up as a second-generation Unificationist, Professor Moon began by asking the audience questions like, “What is True Mother’s favorite color?” and “With 1000 years to live, what would you do? What would True Mother like to see from you?”

After taking a few guesses from the audience, Professor Moon answered both of these questions. She explained, first, that True Mother’s favorite color is the “rainbow,” in recognition that God is “colorblind,” loving each color and its unique value and beauty equally. Then, Professor Moon explained that True Mother’s hope for each person, whether they live for 1000 years or not, would be to improve his or her strengths in order to better help and support God and True Parents.

Professor Moon also explained the meaning of hyojeong, literally “filial heart,” as a never-ending relationship with God as our Heavenly Parent and with True Parens, and invited all the youth and young adults present to reflect more deeply on the meaning of living for the sake of others and a life of true love; namely, not spoiling others with unconditional giving but developing the heart of a parent who does everything they can to help their children grow in maturity and become better people.

Before parting, Professor Moon gave $500 in snack money from True Mother to Naokimi Ushiroda and the Clifton youth pastor, Yasu Ozawa, to share among all. She truly shared a mother’s love with the Clifton Unification family.