Portugal: Il Shim Ceremony

By Sérgio Neto, FFWPU Portugal

In order to hold the Il Shim ceremony, (ceremony of purity rings) all young people went through an intensive three-day workshop. We took advantage of (WS HARP in Christmas Time) so that we could gather most of the interested ones. The program was based on material provided by FFWPU Italy containing PowerPoint with the following themes: how to become true sons and daughters of God, live according to the potential received from God, take responsibility for my own spiritual growth. We also used a lot of materials from FFWPU USA site.

We translated the materials (the Il Shim Guide) in to Portuguese and this served as a guide for inner preparation for all of the participants. We sent the material to all the parents in advance so that they can study it together with their children.

In this way, we made sure that the participants are prepared and when they are receiving the rings, they are aware of the importance of their commitment. Participants also had a fasting condition as the condition for their determination to be part of the ceremony.

During the event on March 5th, 2017, all the young people received a ring, certificates and a Pure Love pledge with a photo of our beloved True Parents.

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