Philippine: Regional Youth Assembly

 Students and Youth Leaders from Cordillera Region in Northern Philippines Converge in the Regional Youth Assembly on March 10-11, 2017 in La Trinidad, Benguet Province, Philippines

By Julius Malicdem, FFWPU Philippine


Hundreds of student and youth leaders once again converged in the recently conducted 8th leg of the Regional Youth Assembly last March 10-11, 2017. This time the event was held in La Trinidad, the capital municipality of the province of Benguet in highlands in the northern part of the Philippines. Around 340 delegates joined in the first day of the assembly and 1,500 attended the main assembly on the second day. In accordance with the Philippines’ strategic goal to raise more capable young leaders for the future, Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP), Youth Federation for World Peace (YFWP), and together with the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) in the Philippines, has been conducting all over the nation these youth assemblies with the theme, “Peace-Loving Global Youth: Lead, Act and Multiply!” The RYA in Cordillera Region was successfully conducted with the major support from the local government of La Trinidad and with the host, Benguet State University.

The conference on the 1st day of the Assembly was held at the Municipal Hall of La Trinidad and participated by 340 university and colleges student and youth leaders from all over Cordillera Region. The conference started with Opening Remarks from Mr. Rene Lansangan, President of CARP Philippines. Several topics were then presented as follows: “The Need for Leadership Revolution” presented by Mr. John Gawec, from UPF Cordillera, followed by a presentation on “Principles of Peace” given by Mr. Ronnie Sodusta, Special Youth Envoy to the Philippines. Other presentations were: “Leadership, Politics, and Social Change” by Hon. Roderick Awingan, Municipal Councilor of La Trinidad, “Role of Academy in Promoting Youth Leadership and Social Change” by Mr. Vladimir Cayabas, “Peace Loving Global Youth, Find Your Purpose, Transform the World” by Hon. Jim Botiwey, Vice Chairperson of Committee on Cooperatives, Benguet Provincial Government and the final lecture presentation on “Core Values of a Leader: Pure Love, Filial Piety and Patriotism” by Dr. Robert Kittel, President of International Association of Youth and Students for Peace. Dr. Kittel gave a very engaging presentation on the importance of purity and marriage for nation building. Dr. Julius Malicdem, Chairman of CARP and UPF Philippines gave the keynote address of the conference. In the evening, a friendship night was held where various cultural performances were showcased and randomly participated by the delegates including foreign participants from USA (Generation Peace Academy), CIG Youth Volunteers from Japan, and Asian Leadership Training with members from Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and Philippines.

The 2nd day of the assembly began early in the morning of March 11 with hundreds of youth and student representatives came together in a rally to support purity as they carry pure love placards, shouting as they march around the major streets of downtown La Trinidad. They concluded the march in the gymnasium of Benguet State University where they were joined by more participants of the main assembly. The main assembly started with pure love education where Dr. Robert Kittel delivered a very powerful presentation that concluded with the mass recitation of the pure love pledge. The shouts of determination to keep purity before marriage and practice fidelity in marriage made by more than 1,500 participants, echoed throughout the venue. The main program started with the opening message by Mr. Rene Lansangan from CARP Philippines and a Welcome Address by the Vice President of Benguet State University, Dr. Silvester Aben. Message from the Mayor of La Trinidad, Hon. Romeo Salda, was delivered by the Municipal Administrator, Atty. Miller Quintin. Dr. Julius Malicdem then delivered the keynote message where he emphasized the importance of vision among young people and living the principles of purity and living for the sake of others. He shared to the participants the secret to success outlining the motto of Father and Mother Moon, “Loving God, Loving People and Loving the Nation.” Several awards were given: 14 Collegiate Ambassadors for Peace (CAP), 8 Youth Ambassadors for peace (YAP) and 5 Ambassadors for Peace. A Congratulatory Message was then given by Hon. Concepcion Ballao, UPF Ambassador for Peace and former Vice Governor.

The Assembly ended with determinations from the participants to actively involve with CARP activities and attend 3-Day Leadership Training of CARP.

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