Peru: Celebration of the International Day of Women

By Trevor Edward Jones, UPF Peru

The UN International Day of Women is always greeted in Peru with great expectation that it will be a day of celebration. From the National Congress to the smallest institution (Mothers Clubs) everyone plans their meeting where people will speak; prizes will be awarded and lively dances and music will fill the air.

UPF Peru also holds its own event, and this year we co-sponsored a meeting together with the WFWP and the College of Lawyers of Lima, a historical institution established in 1804.

The evening meeting started at 6.00pm with words from the Master of Ceremonies Mrs. Maria Elena Rivero, President of the Association of Broadcasters.

The program included listening to the message of the UN Secretary General and speeches from Dr. Trevor Jones, UPF and Dr. Pedro Angulo, the Dean of the University of Lawyers and other representatives of various institutions who all added their support to the goal/theme of the day.

There were various musical presentations that inspired the audience that had filled the 400 seat auditorium.

2 new Ambassadors for Peace were appointed including former Congresswomen and City leaders.