Paraguay: 2-Day Seminar for Nationwide Leaders

Prepared BY FFWPU Paraguay

In Paraguay, a special strategic country, a two-day educational seminar was held March 25 and 26, 2017 with the motto “Enriching the Leadership of Cheon Il Guk”, for pastors, leaders of providential organizations and home groups. And we had around 44 participants.

Rev Shin Dong Mo, regional president spoke about the basic aspect of the life of faith and the importance of True Mother’s tradition and guidelines for the Vision 2020.

Rev Sung Jong Seo, our Special Envoy, spoke about the essential topics that pastors must handle in order to make a good consultation, which is a real spiritual help to members.

President of FFWPU Paraguay, shared about the emotions he experienced during the True Parents’ birthday and Foundation Day in Korea, as well as the International Headquarters reporting system.

The Director of Education, Pastor Felix Fariña exposed the worldwide standard of Heavenly Tribal Messiah and the ways to improve our Home Group methods or One to One witnessing.

Participants shared their experiences in explained bout the strengths and weaknesses in our Home Group system or the One to One witnessing.

In addition, all the participants were determined to fulfill their Heavenly Tribal Messiah’s goals by sharing True Parents’ teaching to achieve the Victory of the 2020 Vision.

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