Nepal: World Interfaith Harmony Week


By UPF Nepal, Piya Ratna Maharjan

On the very occasion of “World Interfaith Harmony Week” we held an event together with National Interreligious Network Nepal, Active youth Society and Religions for Peace at Nepal Tourism Board on February 6th ,2017.

We had 51 participants from different community and different faith, who were gathered there to participate in a course of action of world interfaith harmony.

Representatives of different religions came together on the stage to light the candles and drop water together in a bowl for the opening ceremony and one by one gave speech and prayed together for the holy cause and for the interfaith harmony.

After completing the first session of the program, there was a debate competition for the students on the topic of interfaith harmony and the winners were rewarded. As all the participants of event shared their knowledge with each other, the motto of our event was fulfilled and in away the program was very productive for the students specially. Such program helps the youth to maintain social tolerance, social justice and interfaith harmony.

In our total population 41% of our nation, Nepal are youth and they are the future of the nation so, it is necessary to provide such program to the youth. These events are to help to gather together the people for a holy cause in living together for the sake of each other. And so it can be a beginning to remove the discrimination among each other and among different fields such as religion.