Nepal: Second Hope School


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Prepared by WFWP International

On March 2, 2017, Prof. Yeon ah Moon, president of WFWP International, togather with leaders from WFWP Korea and 800 local citizens attended the dedication of the 2nd Hope School of the “Hope School Project,” Shree Jageshwor Higher Secondary School, located in Nepal.

The Gorkha District had been the epicenter of the earthquake in Nepal in 2015 and suffered the most damage. During the ceremony, President Moon said, “The true owners of a school are the students and teachers” and encouraged the students to study hard to become great leaders in the future. The principal of the school gave the welcoming address, saying the village had lost hope due to the earthquake damage but the school is a symbol and model of hope. In April 2015, WFWP began emergency relief operations in the area affected by the earthquake and through their “World Family Love 1% donation project” gave the gift of the Hope School to the 400 local students.

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