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Prepared by FFWPU Nepal

On March 25 to 26, 2017, we successfully held a 2-day Heavenly Tribal Messiah Leadership School workshop with Prof. Hwan Young Gil for the second times, in state 1, Itahari, Sunsari District, Nepal. This time, more than 60 blessed central families attended. The room was filled with high spirit and happy couples. They were grateful for the blessing from True Parents which changed their lineage and transform the wonderful culture in their family. On the other hand they also determined to complete the mission that True Parents has bestowed to humanity. This was our Beloved True Father’s last prayer as well as True Parents’ utmost wish, so that Cheong Il Guk can be settled and realize on earth based on Heavenly Tribal Messiah ( Hyojeong) victory.

Prof. Gil had visited Nepal on the first week of November 2016 conducted the HTM Leader School workshop which was held in FFWPU-Nepal Headquarters in Kathmandu where 160 blessed families attended. Among the participants there are six BCF representing from Itahari state 1. One of them is Mr. Bikram Sri Timsina’s couple who was inspired the most. He determined to invite Prof. Gil into his region for 2nd HTM leader’s workshop centering on home group.

After they attended the workshop in Kathmandu they created a team of four home groups trinity such as Sunmoon group, Sunhak group, Peace group. The Peace trinity team led by Mr. Bikram Sri Timsina and Mr. Puskar Thapa has extremely inspired just like lit by fire. Then they expanded into 12 couples and organized a blessing program on January 2017 and on the first week of March 2017. Because of their team spirit within the trinity home group they again expanded into 36 families and successfully blessed them in marriage. Mr. Ram Limbu Itahari Center Leader who coordinated the series of the event involving all four trinity team. The Peace group always met during Saturdays after the Saturday (Sunday) service in Mr. Bikram Sri’s residence where they have discussion, sharing, eating together, celebrating happy day together while the husband’s cook their food and the wives take care their children. After Prof. Gil heard the report from the National Leader Santosh Kumar Paudel through the center leader of Ithari Ram Limbu , Prof. Gil was so was so inspired seeing the already created four home group with these he declared that it is the “ Model case” home group.

In order to invite Prof. Gil, home groups prepared whole heartedly for this workshop to make it happen. The newly blessed families took responsibility for the success of Prof. Gil’s workshop, and all particiapnts paid their registration fee for 2 days ( Rs. 1000 ) including HTM Leaders School 11 Textbook, lunch and tea.

The workshop started with Prof. Gil Nepalese greetings of Namaskar”, which mean, greeting to God dwelling inside of the person, who also dwell inside of me, I want to greet to God. The participants and the coach became responsive which creates a family environment that connects happy relationship, attentive and active. Prof. Gil raise so many interesting questions to the participants which made them so connected to him and listen really carefully during the coaching time. There are lots of questions from the participants such as seeking on how to establish good families and form ideal nation with interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal shared values, but they do not know how to do it. The blessed central families realized that the secret way to do it is through home group. True Parents came as the culmination of all the historical religions and cultures they established. Historical religions established by individual, but True Parents are two not only. Prof. Gil emphasized on True Parents that True Parents are historically ideal couple expressed by Shiva and Parvati (Shiva and Shakti). Just becoming parents is not enough. True Parents is those, who teach children with example. Parents have three set of responsibilities- True Parents, True Teacher and True owner. One of the participants got so encouraged. She said, “All gurus and goddess want their followers but the different I found is that True Parents wants to make everyone like him. This is the nature of parents.

Prof. Gil couched them repeatedly about trinity team system and method for the effective settlement of the families who changed their lineage through True Parents’ blessing for which True Parents appeared on earth after Hugh preparation in history.

Finally, the Nepalese culture of having 3 generations family living in one home is one of the advantages that Nepal can do a home group successfully. Where grandparents, parents, grandchildren living together isin  itself a trinity and these families will become stronger unlike the western culture of having a nuclear families has been practicing individualism not a family. The goal of home group is sharing the True Parent’s desire of Heavenly Tribal Messiah ( Hyojeong) would then expand state to state, city to city with the strategy of home group.

In conclusion, the home group trinity team in Itahari determined to fulfill 72 couples blessing in the upcoming month of May. The next visit of Prof. Gil to Nepal would be after 5 months for the next “model case” in Kathmandu District. We commit ourselves to expand and multiply the home group reaching out every Nepalese family to become core blessed central families, happy, strong that upholdsand practice True Parents culture of living for the sake of others.

Once again thank you very much for our Continental Director of Asia, Dr. Chung Sik Yong for sending Prof. Gil to educate us about home group which determines the church increase of membership.

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