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  1. Robert Yee says:

    National restoration would be driven by the common cause to alleviate human suffering and would adhere to the re- conditioning of ideological (mind) and cultural (body) norms . The systemization of national restoration would incorporate the Unification thought six laws of creation (FF) and the laws of restoration (FS). At the core of the Constitution preamble is the pledge of the families , the six laws of creation, three object purposes and the four position foundation family. TOP/4PF is the foundation of national faith. Yet given the reality of our present world we must undertake a course of restitution in the face of opposition from existing maladaptive belief systems. This process follows the Unification thought laws of restoration – first coming together (form) with espoused ontological measures of core virtue (norm) , then passing through the difficult phase of dialectic reconciliation (storm) to achieve substantive national reformation; its goals – Unity, Justice, Tranquility … to secure the Blessing for ourselves and Posterity.

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