National Ocean Challenge Program

Program Name: National Ocean Challenge Program in Kodiak

  • Program to build the culture of heart; developing character while learning maritime skills in the Alaskan wilderness, inspired by True Parents vision of the ocean.

Country: USA

Program Location: Kodiak, Alaska

Affiliated Departments:

  • Witnessing, Youth Education, Divine Principle Education, Unification Thought Education

Contact Information:

Website: National Ocean Challenge Program

Materials and media used (Video, Books, PPT, Website):

  • PPT, lecture, fishing equipment, first aid certification materials

Program Objective:

  • To build a culture of heart; develop ones character while learning maritime skills in the Alaskan wilderness.


  • program focuses on participants aged 16-25, with a total of 20-25 participants a year.
  • learn basic techniques on river fishing, ocean fishing, become CPR/First Aid certified, learn boat safety, hear seminars on marine biology
  • Wild life viewing

Reason for recommending this program:

  • True Parents taught that the resources on land would not last for more than 50 years and that humanity’s future in food resources would be found in the ocean, therefore we need to teach and train ourselves in how to recover resources hidden away in the ocean.


  • It is quite a popular program, but due to staff and amount of boats, they can only accommodate a certain about of participants.
  • Ocean Challenge in Kodiak gives a great opportunity for any youth to have a profound experience connecting to God and True Parents through fishing, to experience the beautiful surrounding nature and be with other young Unificationists. Many come knowing that True Father invested a lot of time and effort in fishing and want to experience the same things he did.

Approx. cost to run the program or cost to attend the program

  • For the registration fee (please check the website: and click on Apply Now to see the current costs). There are scholarship awards available, and participants pay $250.00USD upfront to hold their place. There is also a fee for the Alaska fishing license, and a fee for sport fishing license (please check above website for updated information).
  • Click to see the flyer for the 2017 Program


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