Launching the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace in Australia

Prepared By UPF Australia

On March 11th, 2017, Parliamentarians, Ambassadors for Peace and friends of UPF held a discussion meeting on “Building a Culture of Peace in Australia: The Role of Values in Politics”. Mr. Bill Pontikis, former councilor for the City of Monash chaired the discussions in his usual engaging style. Honorable Dr. Rachel Carling-Jenkins, member of State Parliament gave a report on the fourth World Summit on “Peace, Security and Human Development” in Seoul, Korea and the role of Parliamentarians for Peace in Australia. She commented on the synergy of ideas and values between parliamentarians that gathered in Seoul. She emphasized the role of putting values front and center in politics. A values centered approach will be the uniting paradigm for legislators to unite across political lines for the common good. Honorable Inga Peulich, member of State Parliament and Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs also spoke about the role of values in political life and encouraged participants to take an active role in the political life of Australia.

John Bellavance, vice-president UPF Australia addressed the gathering on “An analysis of the new global political paradigm and the role of values”. He shared about the “Head wing” vision of the founders of UPF. John said, “In the global village in which we live, for peace to be achieved we need shared values. This requires people to stand together for the values and the good of our nation and the planet beyond religious and political divides”. He spoke about the three pillars of Head wing: Faiths must work together. Faith and politics must work together and left and right in politics must work together for the sake of the common good. Greg Stone, the Secretary General for UPF Oceania, advocated that this can only be achieved if we focus on shared values.

20 individuals received the Ambassador for Peace Award presented by Mr. Greg Stone and Dr. Yves Moreau. The recipients included two parliamentarians – Honorable Dr. Rachel Carling-Jenkins and Honorable Inga Peulich, a philanthropist, a medical doctor, leaders of Education and community organizations, two church ministers and values centered political activists. This is a hopeful move and revival.

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