Program Proposal for International Leadership Training Program (ILTP)

Program Name: International Leadership Training Program (ILTP)

  • Raising future leaders by promoting universally shared values and cultural diversity beyond race and nationality also promoting love and compassion through volunteer work to impact lives towards peace

Country: USA

Program Location: New Jersey, locations throughout the US

Affiliated Departments: Witnessing, Youth Education, Outreach, Divine Principle Education, CARP

Contact Information:

  • Name: Hyungki Kim Director of Operations,
  • Address: ILTP (International Leadership Training Program) 111 Charlotte Pl. Suite 104, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632  USA
  • Phone number: Tel: +1-201-408-4395
  • Fax: +1-201-408-4759

Website Homepage: ILTP

Materials and Media used (Video, Books, PPT, Website): Materials used for Divine Principle Education

Program Objective:

  • Promote universal values beyond races and religions.
  • Experience cultural diversity and respect differences.
  • Acknowledge constitutional principles of American society.
  • Cultivate love and compassion through volunteer service.
  • Enhance leadership ability through educational seminars.


  • individuals from all over the world participate in this program
  • hands on leadership training in witnessing and outreach
  • fundraising experience (MFT style)
  • seasonal recreational activities

Reason for recommending this program:

  • This program teaches steps in witnessing approaches especially to VIPs and there is a lot of travelling throughout the States, to different churches and sites. It is a great opportunity to really learn about and love America.


  • This program has been running since 2008. There is a continuous flow of international participants.
  • Developing witnessing and outreach skills, learning and traveling the United States (If you stay for longer than one seasonal program). Meeting people from different nations. Getting the frontline experience.

Approx. cost to run the program:

  • No upfront costs. Participants fundraise throughout the program to cover costs and also make national donations (to their own country).


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