Uganda: Inauguration of another CARP Chapter


By Kyalo Ivan, CARP Uganda

On March 22, 2017 CARP Uganda launched another chapter at the International University of East Africa (IUEA). The Dean of the faculty of science and technology, Dr. Akaezuwa Emeka, Professor Pious Nina Buya the head of environmental science department, two other lectures and the students of environmental science, 33 students were among the participants.

Our initial contact with the University of East Africa was through a student of CARP executive from Kampala university responsible for PR Shamusdeen Aliyu after attending our first one-day workshop on climate change who contacted the Dean of students at IUEA, Ms. Haneen Atizoyo.

Through her, we could communicate with Dr. Pious Nina Buya the head of Environmental science, and managed to organize the event. The university facilitated the refreshments and the inaugural cake. The department of environment science together with its students bought and printed the T-shirts that they put on during the event. And we just prepared the banner.

The ceremony started by an opening prayer from the student and then Dr. Pious Nina Buya who is also the CARP chapter patron, gave the opening remarks, emphasizing CARP values, which combines moral/ethical and spiritual values with the skills to teach to whole humanity.

We also had time for all the participants to introduce themselves and give their comment. Dr. Akaezuwa Emeka spoke to participants encouraged them to take CARP seriously to save humanity and the environment and recover values that we have lost, knowing that human beings must live with dignity.

President of CARP Uganda, Mr. Paul Mukasa gave the address titled “Let us become leaders in a world of peace”, which was based on True Father’s speech given at the CARP convention.

This was followed by Mr. David Gwaku speech about the CARP core values and role to raise responsible world citizens, which is urgently required to save the world, as envisioned by the CARP founders.

Then we had a time for reflection which followed by introducing the campus chapter executives who were elected under the supervision of the patron, Dr. Pious Nina Buya.

The campus chapter president, Nkirize Patience spoke on behalf of the others, appreciating the trust given to them in their responsibilities that was handed to them to walk the talk.

Then vice president of CARP Uganda, Mr. Ivan Kyalo clarified on some points raised and also invited the participants to attend our upcoming one-day workshop about climate changes.

Next the national carp president Mr. Paul Mukasa handed over CARP constitution, and the campus leader guide-book, to Ms. Nkirize Patience.

The event ended with the cake cutting 3 cheers of eok mansei.

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