GPA: Learning More about God’s Heart through Witnessing Overseas


Prepared by Generation Peace Academy

Peru – Contributed by Tsugusato and Yuka

February 24


Buenos dias! Good morning Peru and everyone!

Today was our final day of witnessing in Peru. We were all determined to make this last day amazing. Our witnessing location was Los Olivos. It was the first time ever that a GPA team traveled to Los Olivos. Compared to yesterday’s district, Huaycan, it was a much wealthier area: an upper-middle class area where the residents were living quite well.

“Through the last day of witnessing, I realized the true value that we may have to God. Especially our values. Every door I knocked on, I got the feeling that these people don’t have what we have, not just materially but mostly internally… like the basic teachings of our movement, such as living for the sake of others, how to become ideal people, and family values. That’s all something these people have never heard of. Our way of life is hope for the world, and that’s why God really values us and needs us to spread hope to others, and that’s why I’m out witnessing.” –Karen Ishiguro

“Witnessing in Peru was a check into reality, both spiritually and physically. We really had to exercise our internal selves, our heart and energy, because of the language barrier. Personally, I strived to feel the desperate heart of God and True Parents. These people we witnessed to were struggling spiritually, financially, and emotionally, so I felt like a beacon of light in their daily life. In Wycon, I especially felt called to the people. They seemed enslaved to their reality without room to dream. I was just giving them an invitation, but it was so much more than that. That invitation was an opportunity to come back to God. Although witnessing was physically draining, I was able to taste a small part of God’s and True Parents’ heart.” –Reyna Harding

After witnessing for a few hours, we went to a Peruvian restaurant called Lena Red Hot Chicken Grill and had pollo a la brasa, a delicious braised chicken dish. Señora Carmela, the district leader of Los Olivos, shared her testimony about joining the church. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer and even before committing to join, she made a daily condition to study the Divine Principle, suggested to her by the national leader of Peru at the time. Eventually she went back to the doctor’s office and was told the cancer was gone. Ever since then, she has been a devout believer and the walls of her house were filled with posters of the Divine Principle. Señora Carmela had a very powerful presence and she even scolded some the guests after the lecture. The scolding was due to the fact that she had witnessed to them before but they hadn’t come and that when they did come, the guests didn’t bring more family and friends with them. After returning to the church, we held a 21-minute prayer to set a condition for the guests to attend the workshop. At night, we went to sleep with anticipation for the workshop to come.

Será un día emocionante mañana! It’s going to be an exciting day tomorrow!