France: Information and Planning Meeting with Peace Ambassadors


Prepared by UPF France

On March 4th, 2017 at “Espace Barrault”, where UPF and WFWP’s new offices are located, Peace Ambassadors were invited to hear a report on the recent World Summit for Peace, Security and Human Development held in Seoul, Korea, on February 1-4, and to discuss plans for the year.

After a brief introduction by WFWP president Brigitte Wada, UPF-France president Jacques Marion reported on the significant events held in Korea during the Summit: the 2017 Sunhak Peace Prize awarded to Dr Gino Strada and Dr Sakena Yacoobi for their lifelong dedication to the health and education of refugees in Africa and Afghanistan; the global assembly of the newly founded International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP), attended by close to 400 parliamentarians from around the world; the 23rd International Conference on the Unity of Sciences (ICUS) on the theme of the Environment, resuming the ICUS conference series begun in 1972 and attended by 60 top scientists including two Nobel Prize winners.

Jacques Marion also reported about plans to revive around the world activities of the Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA), which will complement the peacebuilding efforts undertaken by UPF and IAPP.

After a brief review of UPF’s core values and five universal principles, he proposed a new plan for the development of UPF and IAPP in coming years. Using the new “Espace Barrault” conference center, three forums will be held regularly on themes reflecting the vision and objectives of the two organizations:

The “Family and Society” forum will focus on the family and its significance and impact on human development and social wellbeing.

The “Peace and Security” forum will focus on critical challenges we face today, from territorial issues to ethnic or religious conflicts, violent extremism, the environment, etc.

The interreligious “Dialogue and Alliance” forum will focus on religions’ role and capacity to provide enlightened solutions to critical human and social problems.

After some time for questions and answers, participants expressed in writing which forum they would like to participate in, and which themes they would like to discuss throughout the year.

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