France: A Tea Ceremony for Girl’s Day

Prepared by FFWPU France

Hina matsuri (literally “Doll’s Day”) is an important day for young Japanese girls. On March 3rd families who have young girls set up an altar of dolls (hina) which supposedly brings good luck, including that the children of the house will be in good health.

This altar is decorated with peach flowers which flower at this moment of the season and are believed to have the power to chase away bad spirits. And that is how this celebration has also become one of the symbolic event of spring. In Paris, on March 19, 2017, about 70 people came together to celebrate Girl’s Day during a Japanese cultural presentation as an intercultural activity of the Family Federation for World Peace.

The afternoon began with several Japanese songs, sung by the Yurinokai group, made of Japanese wives living in France. After the songs a detailed explanation about Girl’s Day was given. Then, after an explanation of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, a tea ceremony was performed to give guests a better understanding of Japanese culture.

The participants concluded their afternoon with a tasty snack. The Family Federation for World Peace is planning to regularly hold such Japanese cultural events.

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