Family Stories Which Warm the Heart Series

Program Title: Family Stories Which Warm the Heart Series

Country: Japan

Project Developer: Church Growth Research Institute

Contact info :

  • Church Growth Research Institute phone number: +81-3-6635-131

Affiliated Departments: Family education, Workshops, Outreach

Website: Family Federation for World Peace and Unification official channel, Japan (Youtube)

Materials and media used: Video (below)

Short Explanation of Material:

  • These are moving testimonies from Unificationists, which fall under three themes: parent-child relationship, husband and wife relationship and spirit world. Each testimony is a 5-minute video. They are mainly shown at family education seminars and workshops for new members. These are moving testimonies with the intent of sharing the beautiful lives of Unificationists who portray God’s True Love.

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  1. Rhia says:

    Can they make an English Subtitle so non-Japanese can understand it too?

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