Eternal Connections

True Peace magazine, January-February 2017 issue

Below is a January 24 Facebook posting by Gilbert Starr, an early American member, about a dream he had that moved his heart. Following that is his testimony of experiences he had in America with True Family members.

By Gilbert Starr


I needed to pray for three days before sharing a profound dream and spiritual experience I had with our beloved True Parents, Hyo Jin nim and Heung Jin nim, a few days ago. I study True Parents’ words and the Bible without fail every day. In late December 2016, I was diagnosed with pneumonia and influenza. My condition was life threatening. I was very ill for over a month. I could barely speak for three weeks. After overcoming the illness, by the grace of God, our Heavenly Parent, I was still very weak and fell into a deep sleep in my car. I dreamed all night and had a profound spiritual experience.

The experience

True Father, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, appeared and began to share beautiful words of truth. He said that all blessed families are part of God’s royal family of true love! He told me that together with Jesus and numerous saints and angels, they are cleaning up and reorganizing the entire spiritual world. He said that I must bless 430 families on earth, fulfilling tribal messiahship and Home Church at the same time. He said that this victory and condition would give me total freedom to enter through any of the twelve gates of the heavenly kingdom and total freedom to travel anywhere in the spiritual world as a direct child and representative of God, our Heavenly Parent and of True Parents! He taught me so many things; I cannot share them all right now. He also showed me beautiful places in the spiritual world. I felt love that I have never felt on earth. It is hard to explain my experience, because there is nothing to compare it with. Then True Father said, Continue to love and support True Mother! You know well that we are one! You know, too, that we have fulfilled all that the Heavenly Parent has asked of us. He then said, You must fulfill your responsibilities and help True Mother complete the will on earth. He said, You must help educate the 7.3 billion people on earth about the advent of True Parents. Then, True Mother appeared and True Father embraced her and said, your wife Gladys is working hard in this world of spirit, educating both your family, tribe and ancestors, and her family, tribe and ancestors in the spiritual world.

Then, Hyo Jin nim, True Parents eldest son, whom I loved and worked with on earth, and his younger brother, Heung Jin nim, whom I also loved and worked with on the earth, appeared. They both said, You see Gilbert, we are truly one family under God, our Heavenly Parent! They both told me to work hard, to fulfill my responsibilities and to comfort the heart of True Parents by fulfilling Heaven’s will. They said, Fulfill what the Heavenly Parent and True Parents have asked you to do and help others to do the same. Then, my beloved wife Gladys appeared and shared so much love with me. If I tried to share all the things that I experienced, I would have to write a book. I pray that you, the reader of this message can grasp the heart of what I have shared in this brief report from Heaven!


I was blessed to have a close friendship with Hyo Jin nim and Heung Jin nim. I had a serious and wonderful history with both of them. My friendship with Heung Jin nim began when I was serving as a security guard under the leadership of our precious brother, Gerhard Peemoller (1945–2015) at the World Mission Center, in New York City, from the late 1970s to the early 1980s. I worked with East Garden security brothers whenever True Parents visited the New Yorker Hotel.

These business cards are mementos from Gilbert’s years working with Hyo Jin Moon in the entertainment business sphere.

Heung Jin nim

I remember many beautiful experiences that I had with True Parents and the True Family in those days. Many times, I was assigned to be Heung Jin nim’s bodyguard. I remember one day bringing Heung Jin nim to my room in the New Yorker to introduce him to Bruce Lee movies. He was amazed. I was teaching martial arts to some of our members at that time. Heung Jin nim became inspired to study martial arts from that time.

One time I invited him to visit my Home Church area with me in Lower Manhattan. We would share and talk about many things. We would drink coffee and eat Chinese coconut buns and pork buns. My Home Church area was near Chinatown. Heung Jin nim would always share about his love for True Parents and about how much he wanted to protect them. He was such a loving person and a loving son of our True Parents and Heavenly Parent. He always wanted to give me something when we met. One time he told me, Gilbert, True Father gave me this watch as a special gift and I want to give it to you. I said to him, Heung Jin, I cannot take this from you; I am not worthy. But, he insisted, and said True Parents love you very much, so please take it. He said, This is my gift from me to you. I was moved to tears and received it with two hands, because I knew that this was a gift from Heaven and from his deep heart. On many occasions, we would meet and he would embrace me, and he would always share his love for True Parents with me.

I will never forget the day I received the news that Heung Jin nim had been in a car accident. I had felt something strange that whole day from the morning. You all remember the broken-heartedness we all felt. The last point that I would like to share is how God, our Heavenly Parent, moved me to buy a seven-foot tall flower arrangement as an offering for Heung Jin nim’s Seungwha Ceremony. I was blessed to be able to attend his ceremony with True Parents and the True Family. At the time, I was working as the executive director of Minority Alliance International, Inc. On the morning of Heung Jin nim’s Seungwha Ceremony, I was moved to go to a florist to purchase the tall flower arrangement of white lilies, roses and carnations. I had to rent a van, and it barely fit. I felt a heart of desperation to get to Belvedere on time. I had a gold and white ribbon placed on the arrangement reading, “God’s True Son.”

When I arrived at Belvedere and knocked on the door of the main house, one East Garden security brother answered and said that my name was not on the list of invited guests. Of course, my heart was broken. I said to him, Heung Jin nim was my friend and I felt God calling me to attend Heung Jin nim at this time. So, the brother went to report the situation to the leadership. Then, a senior elder came out and told me that the ceremony was private and I could not attend. I asked him to please allow me to make this offering on behalf of Minority Alliance International. He then looked into my eyes and said, “Simon of Cyrene, you may enter!”[1] This being the very first Seungwha Ceremony in history, it was so important. I remember how pure and holy the atmosphere was to this very day. True Parents were so serious and yet so loving. I remember wanting to testify to Heung Jin nim so much. Yet, something deep within told me to stay silent. True Father expressed strongly the importance of not crying, but it was very difficult not to. We know through True Father’s words that he was making an offering to Heaven. This helped me understand why I was moved to remain silent. I felt that I would have burst into tears, and that was not appropriate at that time.

True Father, asked members of the True Family to give testimonies, including Mrs. Lee’s son who was in the accident with Heung Jin nim, and whose life Heung Jin nim had saved. I remember that when everyone had left the room, I was moved to remain and approach where Heung nim was and touch his holy body, over his heart, and pray.

The last thing that I would like to share is how much the heart of our beloved True Mother was broken to offer such a precious son! This is why as filial children we must comfort True Mother’s heart by fulfilling our responsibilities.

Gilbert with Heung Jin nim; they shared a love for martial arts. Heung Jin nim frequently spoke to Gilbert about the importance of protecting True Parents.

Hyo Jin nim

Sometime in 1990, I do not recall the month, perhaps September, Hyo Jin nim accepted my request to be part of his team at the Manhattan Center. I had developed relationships with many very famous American entertainers, including Michael Jackson and the Jackson family. I became an employee at the Manhattan Center and pledged to Hyo Jin nim that I would bring new business into the audio and video studios that he worked so hard to create. The first project that I brought in was the world-renowned group Kool and the Gang. I inspired them to record an entire album in the Manhattan Center. The album title was “Unite.” I quickly added many new artists and projects from artists including Vincent Herbert, Toni Braxton, Joe, Color Me Badd, Mary J. Blige and many others. That I matched my words with deeds inspired Hyo Jin nim and made him very happy. I began to report to him directly, and we became good friends from that time. I truly experienced God’s heart and love through Hyo Jin nim. He really loved and cared for all of his members. He gave great love to my family. Within three months, he blessed me to the position of vice-president of the Manhattan Center, and president of a new company that we created under his leadership, Tribal Concerts International, Inc. Even, after my employment at Manhattan Center, we remained friends and communicated with each other concerning different projects.

Hyo Jin nim also helped me when I became the personal manager for the legendary singer, actress and Tony Award winning artist Melba Moore. Because of Hyo Jin nim’s love and support, and the love and support of Dr. Yang, Melba and I were able to support True Mother during True Parents’ Fifty-State and twelve-city speaking tours. Hyo Jin nim’s deep heart and love for our Heavenly Parent and True Parents always inspired me. I never met anyone in our movement who was more righteous than Hyo Jin nim. He always encouraged everyone to be the best that we could be for our Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Once he told me always to do things that will protect and bring honor and bring glory to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents. He also said we must live and die in the right way, for our Heavenly Parent and True Parents. I am eternally grateful to have known and worked with True Parents’ precious eldest son. Hyo Jin nim created and produced many beautiful musical tracks for Melba Moore as a gift. We have this music made exclusively for her. He poured his heart into this beautiful music. We hope to get permission from Yeon Ah nim to release it to the public someday or to have Hyo Jin nim’s children, who are great musicians, do something with these masterpieces. There is simply too much detail to report. I hope that this will give our worldwide family and readers an idea of just how loving and how great and how much of a musical genius Hyo Jin nim is!


– Gilbert and Gladys Starr received the blessing in 1982; she ascended in 2012. They have four children.

[1] The Bible records soldiers compelling Simon of Cyrene to carry the cross for an exhausted Jesus. Mark 15:21–22, Matthew 27:32 and Luke 23:26; Cyrene was a city in Libya, Africa, so traditionally Simon is said to have been a black man.