Dominican Republic: International Women’s Day 2017

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By Leonidas Belliard

With the participation of more than 100 important and very enthusiastic women and a few men, the WFWP Dominican Republic, held an event to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Founding WFWP and the International Women’s Day on March 25, 2017 with the theme ‘Roll of the Today Women for Making the World Peace”.

The event began at 4:00 pm in the FFWPU headquarters with the participation of senator Cristina Lizardo as the main speaker. She spoke in detail on how the woman had been growing and conquering important positions more than ever before, even though she is the first women president of senate, now she is one of the three women senators among 32 senators in our country. She emphasized that women have to take the role of guiding the family because women know how to bring harmony and peace among people in any circumstances.

Rev. Hong, our Special Envoy talked about the importance of men to support women in this era, and mentioned how Father Moon declared the women’s era and emphasized the important role of the women for making the God’s will for this world accomplished, in order to build a world of harmony and peace.


Congresswoman Ana Mercedes Rodriguez said that she is one of the 49 women in the Parliament among of all 190 parliamentarians, but she considered that men more concern about benefits of the participation of the women in public positions. They are just watching good results because woman, as a core stone of a family, knows how to manage with every member of the family.

Mrs. Teiko Kono, Central America and Caribbean Regional secretary, reported about the great achievement of the founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, who is currently guiding the God’s providence centering on women. She also reported WFWP Dominican Chapter is the only country have been able to do the GWPN for years and this event is a preparation for the 6th GWPN which is going to be held on coming November 2017.

GWPN is also connected to the launch of Dominican Religious Leadership Conference that is schedule to be held on April 29, 2017

All participants made a strong commitment to work harder for the world peace, beginning in their families.

At the end, WFWP awarded 4 important women for their dedication to the activities of WFWP since the founding time until present days.


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