Costa Rica: Talk on “True Parents” at the National University


By Daisy Salas Peña, Regional Director of Witnessing and Education

On March 22, we held a talk on True Parents for the students of “neo-Christianity”, in the course of “Religion and Politics” at the National University of Costa Rica. We had 23 students who were invited by their teacher, who is an Ambassador for Peace.

We also invited the president of CARP Costa Rica to be there with us at event. During had a video presentation about True Father’s Life course and a video presentation about the national and international work of the CARP, giving a brief explanation of its contents, emphasizing on the inter-religious dialog and harmony, the family base and the practice of true love to achieve world peace. At the end of the talk the students enthusiastically applauded our presentation.

Finally, we had a Q & A session which exceeded our expectations. Here are some of the questions from the participants:

  1. Rev. Moon is called “True Father of Heaven on Earth and Humanity. Does that mean you’re above the Pope?
  2. Do you have contact with the Pope?
  3. Do uou think there is al life after death?
  4. Do you have sacred books, for example, like the Bible? What practices do you do within your church? On what basis, based on what holy book?
  5. What is the role of Jesus for you? Do you believe that He is Christ?
  6. How do they practice inter-religiousness?
  7. What is the role of women in their movement? Is that in almost all religions women are relegated to the background, what is the role for you?
  8. What do you say about the rights claimed by the LGBT?
  9. If we want to know more about you where we can contact you?

All the questions were answered in an atmosphere of great openness, harmony. The course’s teacher, Dr. Oscar Alvarez, explained to the students that he knew our movement, and he has often been invited many events, and so he knows about our inter-religious dialog as a means to achieve world peace which is true in action.

During this talk we felt the presence of God, trying to educate this special group of young people, who were curious about life and everything that shines. And as a reasult we were filled with joy and happiness.

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