Building a Principled Family Life

Program Name: Building a Principled Family Life (small group curriculum)

Country: USA

Location: New York, Washington D.C., throughout US

Contact Person:

Affiliated Departments:

  • Witnessing, Family Education, Youth Education, Divine Principle Education, Workshops, Blessing, Tribal Messiah, Outreach

Website Homepage: None

Materials and Media used (Video, Books, PPT, Website, images etc.):

  • Booklet – includes group leader guide

Program Objective:

  • Give new guests an introductory experience of the power of Divine Principle in a modern cultural setting
  • Show 1st and 2nd generation Unificationists how we can witness with “culturally relevant” materials
  • Using True Father’s words along with Bible and other teacher quotes, discussion


  • Nice outline of Divine Principle in professionally printed book from FFWPU USA

Reason for recommending this program:

  • This program has gotten rave reviews from both first and second generation Unificationists and new guests.


  • Hundreds of new guests have gone through this program and have begun to understand the value of Divine Principle and who True Parents are.

Approx. cost to run the program:


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