Blessed Culture Sports Festival (BCSF)

Program Name: Blessed Culture and Sports Festival (BCSF)

Country: USA

Program Location: USA, Redhook New York

Affiliated Departments: Witnessing, Outreach, Family, Youth, Adult Ministry

Project Director/Organizer:

  • Name: Karlsun Allen (one of the organizers employed at FFWPU USA HQ

PD Email:

Website Homepage: The Blessed Culture and Sports Festival

Program Objectives:

  • BCSF strives to create a hub for Unificationists and their friends to connect and express their passions through sports, culture, art and faith.


  • BCSF carries various events of fine art, cinema, dance, music and sports all at the same venue.
  • Families can participate, although the sports activities require that you be 18 years and over; young children and adults can participate in the cultural festivities. Generally, students from all over North America are invited to compete, however, youth from all over the world are welcome to register to attend.
  • For 4 days, volunteers including nurses and paramedics, help structure, plan and implement the event. No one is paid for their time.
  • Poker competition involving 40-60 people

Reason for recommending this program:

  • This program has been running for 12 years and the participation has been growing. It is a great tool for witnessing. Non-Unificationists can see the Unification community in action on many levels. It is a great way to show the community and culture that True Parents have created.

Materials and Media used (video, books, PPT): Sports equipment, movie, selling of art

Result/ Effectiveness:

  • Over 700 people have participated at the 2015 BCSF.
  • Non-Unificationists have been allowed to participate in the event and are required to follow a strict policy of no drinking, no smoking, and no drugs. There is approx. 5-10% of non-Unficationist participation.
  • The incentive for young people to get involved as volunteers is to give back to the community, make new friends, meet old friends and also be in an active, heavenly atmosphere. Being a volunteer also helps their application for college. This is also a great way for young second generation Unificationists who struggle with their faith to have a chance to see what community they are a part of, and how amazingly talented 2nd generation Unificationists really are in the areas of sports, art, music and service.

Approx. cost for running the program:

  • BCSF has not gone under budget. Major costs have always been covered by registration fees and 7-10% of the funds make up the donations.


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