Best Practice: Church Programs

By Yeunhee Chang, Mission Strategy Center


International Headquarters has prepared introductions to church programs developed by Unificationists around the world. There is a growing demand for educational programs, resources or materials for adult ministry, youth ministry, Divine Principle education, Unification Thought education, outreach, witnessing, Marriage Blessing education and tribal messiah activities. To answer this demand, the Mission Strategy Center has compiled this introduction of successfully run programs created by educators, pastors and leaders from Korea, Japan, the United States and various countries from Europe.

Our department wants to respond to the urgent need by developing programs. We know there are countries that do not have the manpower or resources to develop them. When the International Headquarters put out the call requesting assistance, Korea, Japan, the United States and Europe whole-heartedly responded to IHQ’s desire to mediate the sharing of these programs. This is a step forward in supporting the movement’s tireless endeavor to educate the world with our Heavenly Parent and True Parents’ teachings.

In the near future our office hopes to compile even more programs to make available to all leaders. Countries that have developed and created successful programs are welcome to send introductions of their programs to our Mission Strategy Team so that we may make them available to our leaders and educators through our yearly booklet and intranet database.

In sharing these programs from various nations, our hope is that many educators will be able to adapt them to their own location and environment while gaining insight and new ideas toward creating and developing programs of their own.

Each program introduced in this booklet includes the contact information of the program developer. Educators may contact the developer directly or contact International Headquarters for assistance.

Each country has its own unique way of educating, and we thank each contributing country for working so hard in preparing these materials to further the education of Heavenly Parent’s children.

The International Headquarters encourages the development of more programs and wishes to connect with program developers in every country to work hand in hand in endorsing and translating top program materials so that they can be shared with our international community. Please submit through our ‘Resource Application’ (English / Korean) sheet, any new programs that you feel should be added to ours. Email me at:

May Heavenly Parent and True Parents bless all of you in your work for the Providence and we hope this booklet will become a prized asset in your ministries.


2 Responses

  1. Robert Goijarts says:

    Hello readers,
    This and any initiative for simple resources is most welcome and greatly appreciated. Hopefully it will spark more international sharing of 50 years of
    U.C. resources, that are so needed in many countries. Thank you for your endeavors, Robert Goijarts

  2. Rhia says:

    We also need to create programs and materials that could be easily adapted by those non- religious people.
    We need to reach out to artists, beauty queens, atheists, etc, without having to be very religious in approach.

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