Benin: Nomination of Ambassador for Peace and the Blessing

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By FFWPU Benin

On February 26, 2017, we organized a Heavenly Tribal messiah workshop for 125 participants from the Cana city, which is a very important historical zone in the history of Dahomey (Actuel Benin). The 12 great Kings of Danhome, except three, were buried in Cana. His Majesty Langanfin Glele Aihotogbe, the King of Cana was our VIP participants.

He was already in contact with the FFWPU Benin and knew our unifying vision of Peace.

Following receiving the certificate of Ambassador for Peace, His Majesty reaffirmed his commitment to work for peace. He confirmed that God is indeed the creator of all humanity and that there is no black or white in 5 principles of peace presentation, which means we are all equal in the eyes of God.

Some of the participants asked His Majesty to sponsor the Festival of Family Blessings for 120 Couples which he will mobilize through 12 couples who will each have the responsibility to mobilize 10 Couples.

The King clearly showed his appreciation receiving the certificate of Peace Ambassador and is determined not to fail in the mission of peace that has just received. He also also expressed his support for the FFWPU vision and approach. One of the participants said we are all with you in doing this.