Benin: International Women’s Day 2017


Prepared by WFWP Benin

We had three events: First, the WFWP Conference on March 8, 2017 at 10:00 am at the Villa de l’Etoile de Cotonou with the theme: Women embodying family values. At this event president of WFWP Benin urged participants to put on the true family values they represent, thus emerging from their status as the major actors who can bring great development in the society.; She hoped that by the year 2020 there would be a high percentage of women leaders as the decision-making in all levels of life. She said: “Fight, not in a spirit of demand but for the realization of the goal.”

Second, the official celebration of the International Women’s Day by the Government of Benin on March 8, 2017, at 6 pm at the Cotonou Convention Center, where the Government officials and members of women’s associations took part. The President of the WFWP Benin was among the VIPs, sitting together with the Ministers. She felt strongly the grace of the True Mother. She testified of her emotional experiences in tears, thinking strongly of the True Parents. Attached are the photographs she took with the Minister in charge of Women and the Minister of State for Development.

Third, on March 11, 2017 we held a women football match on the grounds of the Office of Radio and Television of Benin (ORTB).


All the women were very happy and grateful for taking part in these events. They particularly asked the members of WFWP Benin to release our theme. The guests unanimously wanted us to make sure that the work on the role of women and health to be frequently developed in order to help the woman, in their daily life for accomplishing her role as well as taking care of her health.

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