Benin: Education Program for Ambassador for Peace

By UPF Benin


UPF Benin has started an Education Program for Ambassadors for Peace, centered on Principle of Unification and five Principle of ambassadors for Peace, with the theme “The key role of Ambassador for Peace to establish Peace in the nation” which will take place every two months.

The launching of this program was held on December 23, 2016 at Riviera Hotel in Cotonou. At this event, Secretary General of UPF Benin, M. ANAGONOU Honoré gave a lecture on 5 principles of peace and Rev. Emmnuel ALLOGNON president of FFWPU Benin gave a lecture on Unification Principle. We had four newly appointed Ambassadors for Peace including the Deputy Mayor for a main area of Cotonou city.

The second event was held on February 25, 2017 at our Peace Embassy with 55 participants. This time, Sub-Regiona President, Dr. Paterne S. L. ZINSOU gave a lecture on 5 principles of peace. And Rev. Emmnuel ALLOGNON spoke about Unification Principle. The CARP Musical Group of CARP Benin, and the National Chorus New Hope offered a beautiful performance. At this event we had five new Ambassadors for Peace.