Austria: One Day Divine Principle Workshop


By CARP Vienna, Jennifer Businaro & Akio Friesacher

On the 4th of February 2017, as a conclusion of the CARP outreach activities during this past semester, we held a 1-day Divine Principle workshop. As a tool for outreach we have been using the “STEP UP lectures” from America of developing our character and making a contribution to society. Therefore, to connect to the general idea of these lectures we chose the workshop motto: “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Altogether there were 25 people: 17 participants, including 5 guests and 8 Staff members. We had the chance to receive content from two lecturers (1st & 2nd Gen) on the Principle of Creation, the Fall, the Purpose of the messiah and the Last days.

Discussion in groups were organized for the participants to share about the content they received, as well as a panel discussion on God’s existence. In groups the participants had to argue for or against God’s existence and then one member per group was chosen to be part of the panel discussion. We were positively surprised by one guest who decided to defend God’s existence even though initially he had claimed to not have a such strong belief in Him.

It was a very lively debate and it made our minds desperate to find arguments for the existence of God. I think that such discussions can help us to strengthen our ability to speak up for our beliefs in the society. The feedback from the participants was generally positive. One guest who was supposed to leave the workshop earlier, even changed her plans to stay longer with us; another one hopes for more workshops like this. One CARP member wrote that she was inspired by the number of guests and could gain a lot from them, especially in the discussions. All in all, it was a very successful workshop, which gave us the chance to establish stronger bonds with one another and dedicate time to understand the Divine Principle more deeply.