Austria: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop


by Elisabeth Cook, FFWPU Austria

More than 30 members of the Family Federation gathered on March 18th, 2017 in Vienna for the Tribal Messiahs’ workshop conducted by Dr. Wolfgang Czerny and Kurt Sattlberger.

After a general introduction all participants were asked to write down their own experiences concerning tribal messiahship activities and then discuss the answers with the person sitting next to them.

In the first session the questions and sharings were about ourselves – what motivated us to join the movement, what kind of activities would we like to have in our church, how do we envision our future tribe. These questions and discussions opened the hearts of the participants and made everybody share his/her thoughts and wishes feely and joyfully.

The second session covered the topic of what a tribe is or could be and how we can go about to build it step by step. Dr. Czerny shared his own experiences: since one year he is organizing family meetings once every 3 weeks. He could involve his own family, guests and members who live in his area. Working in trinities of Blessed families was one of the most essential steps which he recommended for everyone to aim at.

The last session was about setting goals on the personal and family level for the near and far future.

This workshop was a productive way to reflect on our activities and goals and how to change our approach to the Tribal Messiah mission. For many of the participants it was the first time to think about building one’s own tribe.

The interactive character of the seminar as well as the preparations which had been made before made some of the participants state that “this was the best workshop I ever attended!”

Also the evaluation of the workshop afterwards through a questionnaire showed that the participants could get a more positive view about the tribal messiah activities because they got deeper insights and practical advice as to how to go about this mission.

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