Australia: 2nd Exhibition on the Life of Sun Myung Moon

Prepared by FFWPU Australia

In conjunction with the True Parents’ Birthday celebration in February, a three-day exhibition on the life of Sun Myung Moon is being held at the Oceania Peace Embassy in Sydney. The purpose of the exhibition is to present the life of True Father to the general public. This is also in line with True Mother’s words to encourage members to testify to True Parents, especially in this year of the red-rooster.

Based on the success of the first exhibition, we could learn and develop new strategies to inform the public about True Parents. One of the new strategies was to present a big banner advertisement with True Father’s photo. Since the location of the Peace Embassy is very strategic, we could show the ad in a well-positioned spot to get maximum exposure.

The contents are broadly divided into thirteen booths. Each booth consists of three panels presenting different topics of Father’s life. All together, there are 38 panels in the exhibition, covering Father’s life from birth in 1920 to his ascension in 2012. In this exhibition, we present a panel on “Holy Wedding of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han, the True Parents” and a panel on “My Wife, Hak Ja Han.” This allow us to introduce True Parents. When guests want to know more details about True Father’s life, we sell True Father’s autobiography to them.

Mobilization & Advertisement

This time, we have distributed around 5000 flyers to the public focusing on students in three campuses, namely University of Sydney, University of Notre Dame, and University Technology Sydney (UTS). Also, we focused on residential area around Chippendale area, delivering flyers to their mail boxes.

Opening & Reception

There was a reception at 10 am on the first day, 21 March. Ambassadors for Peace, university students, and blessed families were in attendance. Master of Ceremony was Mica Camara. Jynene Helland delivered the opening remarks. A tribute video was shown entitled, “A New Way to A Global Community of Peace.” Messages were given by Dr Wali Islam, a Research Fellow of UNSW and Mr Jon Saemarjono, President of Indonesia Community in NSW. Rev Greg Stone presented a main message explaining who Rev Moon is. There were two presentation songs by the Sydney Family Church choir. The closing remarks was given by Rev Soon Teck Lim. He expressed thanks to staff members for their investment in preparing for the exhibition.


We are grateful and proud that we can present True Father’s life to the public, commemorating the 97 Anniversary of his birth. This is an important time to testify to True Parents while True Mother is still with us and introduce their teachings to the world. This may be a small step, but an important step in the right direction to engage the public to learn about True Parents.

Finally, we offer sincere thanks to local members who come despite their busy schedules to support the exhibition. Also, special thanks to the Peace Embassy members who have been on the forefront of inviting guests into the exhibition hall.

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