Albania: An Essay Competition

prepared By FFWPU Albania

On February 25, 2017, We held an essay competition entitled: “As a Peace Loving Global Citizen” based on True Father’s autobiography. A much expected activity, full of emotions, joy, love and in the same time worry.

The event took place in Devoll city, that always has been a welcoming city of Heavenly Parent providence, for fundraising, witnessing, also in different activities held from time to time. There is no exception for widely reading Autobiography activity, in which, many middle and high school students wrote essays.

After receiving the permission from the local Schooling Directory, we introduced the project in high schools and we met with the principles and literature teachers, whom we gave the proper instructions. Analyzing the development of the activity we could feel True Father’s support and work from spiritual world, through our work in local level. After lots of difficulties we could make all high schools of the city to be involved in the activity.

More than 80 books were distributed for the chosen students and for their teachers and in total there were around 60 essays. We could see a wide range of how the book inspired their hearts.

Even though they did not know True Father, but this became a chance for them to get closer to True father. It was so nice seeing students with autobiography in their hands. As a closure of the activity we held a cultural show with different performances including: singing, traditional dance, reciting etc. The participants were high school students, teachers, local public figures and new Ambassadors for Peace who were appointed a week before.

In the end we had 5 awards given for the best essay, 3 awards as the first, the second and the third place, also two special awards: “Dritëro Agolli” and the big award “Ambassador for Peace.”

It was indeed a very joyful and interesting event.

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