Albania: An Ambassadors for Peace Event

By Elma Baruni, UPF Albania

On February 18, 2017 we held an event in city of Bilisht, on creating a work group, to introduce True Parents teaching in different areas in this city.

The event began with a beautiful performance by Children Assembly of “Devolli”, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

We were pleased to have the presence of the special envoy of True Parents for Albania, Rev. Shin, the chairman of UPF Albania M. Gaqo Apostoli, president of FFWPU, M. Gani Rroshi and some of the representatives of UPF council Vlorë.

Their heartwarming words during the event, conveyed clearly the mission that UPF Albania has, creating a good impact to all the participants. We could see how participants inspired.

After the presentations of UPF principles of peace, we had 8 participants, specialized in differed fields, who were appointed as Ambassadors for Peace.

This event was aired to local medias.

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