24+ Connect Retreat

Program Name: 24+Connect Retreat

  • Matching education program where participants over 24 years of age who were born into the Unification faith tradition have the chance to meet, talk and also receive vital information about how they want to create their future relationships.

Country: USA

Program Location: Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania

Affiliated Departments: Young Adult Education, Witnessing, Outreach, Blessing Education

Contact Information:

Website Homepage: 24+Connet

Materials and media used (Video, Books, PPT, Website):

  • Presentation on ‘Conscious dating’ and ‘Being Intentional’ with book or PPT

Program Objective:

  • The 24+ Connect Retreat provides the opportunity and resources for the greater 24+ Unification-born singles population to feel connected, grow together and prepare for potential future relationships.


  • exercise in re-imaging their future relationships
  • Talk on ‘Conscious Dating’
  • topics shared: skill-sharing among participants, nonviolent communication and relationship communication skills training
  • activities such as, ballroom dancing, volleyball, high rope courses, yoga, kayaking, boating, ping pong, laser tag and more activities that provide opportunities for participants to get to know one another in a more relaxed setting
  • shared tips on how to strategically find a life partner
  • individual counseling for all participants
  • international participants welcome
  • 50-40-10 Rule: 50% facilitated conversation between participants (requires trained coach/facilitator). 40% break time. 10% presentations/lectures.
  • 2nd gen Unificationists who do not want to be in the church but would like to find someone who was brought up like them have also come.

Reason for recommending this program:

  • This program is also created specifically for single young men and women born into the Unification faith who feel conflicted, confused or stuck about the matching process. This programs allows them to come together in a relaxed atmosphere to learn about how to focus on finding their match through talks, sharing, facilitated self-reflection.
  • Those who participate can overcome their fear in meeting someone new. They can also have the opportunity to address any problems, questions, fears regarding the matching system in their current state of affairs.


  • Overall, after the retreat, 97% of the surveyed participants reported feeling more clear about where they stand with their current relationship goals, and 95% felt ready to take action steps towards creating their ideal future.
  • In 2015 there were 70 participants and 2016 received 70 participants. Early bird rate was $295 USD (there must be at least 40 registered participants to cover the full cost of staff and plane tickets).

-after the workshop some participants felt that they needed more time to internally prepare themselves for the Marriage Blessing

Approx. cost to run the program:

  • Full budget report is available upon request. Early bird rate of $295USD/participant. General subsidies from the FFWPU USA National Ministry Team, sponsored or supported by Blessed Family Ministry (BFM) and Blessed Family Association (BFA) of USA.


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