Paraguay: 21-day Special Program


Prepared by FFWPU Paraguay

From February 21st to March 14, 2017, young people from the GPA, 20 second generation, a mother and their leader, a total of 22 people, carried out activities for 21 days in Asunción, Puerto Leda.

They were doing intense activities together with members in Paraguay, involving in an unforgettable experiences of witnessing, service for peace, and cultural integration. During their activities in the squares and talks in schools, they could contact 20 new young people, who participated in a divine principle seminar. This seminar included other activities such as entertainment and sports, etc, in a very moving, cheerful and healthy environment.

During the service for peace program, they renovated parts of the first church of Paraguay. We are preparing the church building to be use as a youth center.

In their reflections, participants expressed that they felt a unity of North and South America through the activities they carried out together centering on Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Also the service activities in Puerto Leda marked their lives, especially sharing with the indigenous people.

Most of members from both Paraguay and USA said they wanted to give love but in the end they felt that they received more. On the last day, at the farewell party, members of GPA received certificates of recognition for their dedication and unconditional love towards the providence in Paraguay. Members of GPA from USA, also HARP, CARP Paraguay together with members were deeply moved by all the experiences in living together during 21 days, as they felt a very pure and joyful atmosphere.

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