‘We Can Do It’ Workshop in Europe


By FFWPU Europe

As the 4th year of Cheon Il Guk ended and the 5th began, 100 representatives from 16 European nations gathered to participate in the ‘We Can Do It’ workshop from January 27 to 29, 2017 in Bad Camberg, Germany. The goal of the workshop, which was run by three members who had come all the way from America on the invitation of the German leadership, was to increase our familiarity with the concept of Tribal Messiahship.

These three young men have been building up the educational structure and supporting materials for several years, and have already held several similar workshops in the USA.

Guided by the ‘Tribe Kit’, containing workbooks and other helpful tools, everybody soon eagerly engaged in the mostly interactive program, and the hall quickly became a class-room. All participants were encouraged to formulate goals, make lists of challenges in their lives, and explore their long-lost passions – the so called ‘put-your-Isaac-on-the- offering-table-activity’.

The focus was on updating our understanding of tribes, centered on blessed families and trinities. Demian Dunkley, Director of Evangelism FFWPU USA, shared his testimony of how he joined the movement and emphasized that his own experience of Tribal Messiahship has inspired him and rekindled his enthusiasm.

On Saturday January 28th, we celebrated True Heavenly Parent’s Day, and this was an appropriate way to start the heavenly new year together with brothers and sisters, all eager to achieve new goals or to simply renew their outlook and determination regarding old ones.

All in all, this weekend helped many to get a clearer insight into what witnessing can be-come and how to get started again. The participants were constantly reminded that True Mother wants us to work together more closely so that we may reach our potential through unity. As one participant shared: “The time of simple old-school teamwork is over. Now is the time to create synergy where we can produce a combined effect greater than the sum of our own separate efforts.”

A big ‘thank you’ for the support from America and to everyone who came and made this experience a truly unforgettable one, giving inspiration and hope that Europe can do it!