USA: Valentine’s Tribal Messiah Blessing Celebration



Fifty couples attended a Marriage Rededication and Blessing Ceremony on Sunday, February 12 in Lexington, Kentucky. The ceremony took place in the main meeting room of a local restaurant, and a total of 160 guests were present, most attending as couples and many with their families. It was an incredible sight to see the diversity of age, ethnicity and social backgrounds among the attendees.

Rev. Michael Dickerson served as the emcee and opened the program with a warm greeting from Joe and Sun Willett, active Tribal Messiahs who acted as the officiating couple and had introduced many of the guests to the Marriage Blessing. The Willetts have also received the Tribal Messiahship Award from True Mother on Foundation Day for successfully bringing 430 couples to the Marriage Blessing. At this Valentine’s Blessing Ceremony they introduced two couples who gave inspiring testimonies about their relationship with the Willetts during the past 18 years.

Chicago Family Church Pastor, Rev. David Rendel, then led the Marriage Rededication and Blessing ceremonies.

“I appreciate the opportunity to have participated in this historical event,” said Rev. Rendel. “This event was a tremendous testimony to the power of true love invested by Joe and Sun Willett in their community.”

The program closed with a beautiful song from a young operatic singer and a buffet dinner for all. Everyone regrouped in the meeting room for fellowship during the meal, as background music was provided by various guests and couples were invited to have their portraits taken at a special photo booth, all contributing to a feel of a large family gathering.

Many thanks to the Willett family and Unificationists from Louisville, Cincinnati and West Virginia who also volunteered to help with the ceremony. Rev. Norman and Noriko Presley and their Louisville team provided a professional sound system, linens for all the tables, and flower bouquets for all the guests. Arlene Candelaresi from Cincinnati provided the table centerpieces and other decorations.