UK: World Interfaith Harmony Week

By UPF United Kingdom, Danial Lajda

Universal Peace Federation is very keen to support World Interfaith Harmony Week (WIHW) annual event because it consistent with its founding values to promote interfaith forums from the United Nations down to local communities to defuse tensions derived from international and inter-religious misunderstanding. Radicalization is an expression of these tensions. UK – UPF held an event to consider the significance of interfaith understanding to countering radicalization. This is part of a series of discussions in the process of developing a Think Tank with several leading contacts in the UK.

Dr Afzal Ashraf: Diplomatic Fellow of the Royal United Services Institute, Dr. Ashraf pointed out the influence of mass media and publicity, which is often a case of misleading reality. It is oriented to destroy religion and structure of political power. Further he mentioned the importance of liberty and how we cannot achieve liberty without violence. History records that people have always been fighting to achieve peace and freedom in society. Watch Video Here

Shiekh Dr Hojjat Ramzy: Oxford Islamic Information Centre, Muslim Council of Britain, National Council Member. Dr. Ramzy talked about the important role of religious interfaith, which provides a platform for people to come together to share about their different believes. Next important point was made by Dr. Ramzy about respecting each other as a human being. In today’s society people often forget that fundamentally we are all equals and therefore just to give respect to one another leads to a harmonious society. Watch Video Here

Jon Dal Din, Director of Westminster Interfaith: Dr. Jon Dal Din emphasised the importance of prayer, as he pointed out to be a useful tool to bring more tolerance and peace into the society. Dr. Jon Dal Din said that each of us have fundamental goodness within us and that is important to nourish and develop it by helping in a community and/or support charities. Watch Video Here

Remzije Duli: Project co-leader for the British Albanian Kosovar Council, which runs the cross-cultural family learning programme ‘Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities’, and undertakes youth work with the children of the families who participate. Mrs Duli outlined the situation in Kosovo and what needs to be done to raise the living conditions. Additionally, she provided details about her project in Kosovo as how it helps to improve stability in families with different culture, religion and race and what action steps are taken to help those families to overcome those challenges. Watch Video Here

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