UK: Divine Principle Lecture Practice



On Wednesday 25th of January, CARP held its first Divine Principle lecture practice of the new year. In CARP UK’s first year we would host lecture practices once a week. This event allowed those CARP aged 2nd generation to listen and experience lecturing the DP in front of an audience.It was a very comfortable evening.

Our lecturers for the evening were CARP Committee members Jeungsun Shongwe (CARP Director) and Han-sun Nkumu (Media).

The evening entailed everyone being split into groups in which we read together the red and blue sections of Chapter one: sections 1,2 & 3 which are the sections that were lectured by Jeungsun and Han-sun, respectively. After reading, we discussed our thoughts and feelings, sharing them publicly. This was a good opportunity to practice public speaking.

After our discussion time, we moved on to short lectures.

Jeungsun lectured section 1. Her lecture was very refreshing and was easy to understand and relate to. Her examples of real life situations like homelessness were relevant. Han-sun lectured sections 2 and 3. She tried her best to convey her understanding of the chapters’ contents to the audience. An example she used related to how we as humans feel compared to the sadness God must feel as he sees the way we live now.

There was then time for constructive feedback which is a very important element of the lecture practices.

Thank you to everyone who came to the event, and keep a look out for our next DP lecture practice!