True Mother’s Message at the Int’l Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP) Assembly

February 4, 2017, at Lotte Hotel (Jamsil, Seoul)

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Distinguished guests, esteemed members of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace from 120 countries, it is wonderful to see you all.

We all wish for a free world, a united, peaceful world. However, if you look at the current state of the world, walls exist between religions and cultures and borders exist between countries. Nations are moving further toward selfishly putting their own benefit first, hindering the pursuit of a united world.

What happened to the wish that you and Heaven held? Originally, the true owner of the world was God. From all created things to all human beings, all belongs to God. However, humankind does not know that. They do not understand the relationship between God and humanity.

That is why, throughout history, countless divisions and wars between nations have occurred. Nations’ selfishness in pursuing only their own interests has pushed harmony and unity further away. This has been the history of civilization.

When we look at the reality of the world we live in, we worry that we will be unable to say that the future for our descendants is a hopeful one.

If that is the case, for you to fulfill your responsibilities is important. Originally, God, the Creator, made every other living thing and then made humankind’s ancestors, Adam and Eve.

God gave them responsibilities. Consequently, all human beings today are the result of Adam and Eve’s inability to fulfill their responsibilities.

However, because of the principle of Creation, God could not just sit back and watch fallen humankind.

Originally, God had a dream for humankind. God wanted to be the true parent to humankind. However, the ancestors of humankind, Adam and Eve hurt God.

They thwarted God’s dream. Nevertheless, God could not give up on the dream he had when creating human beings, the dream of embracing all humankind as his children.

Therefore, God developed messianism within the fallen world, so that a messiah, able to achieve God’s dream and become the successful human ancestor, could come.

In order to fulfill Heaven’s dream, God chose a people from among those in the fallen world and prepared them for four thousand years through indemnity, restoration and education. Ultimately, after four thousand years, God was able to send his only son, the Messiah, who could fulfill his dream.

However, looking at history we all know what happened to the only son of God.

If two thousand years ago the only son, Jesus, had met the only daughter, they would have become the True Parents of all humankind. They would have realized the dream of one family under God through the great Cain-type empire, the Roman Empire.

As events transpired, the central figures around Jesus, the Israelites; that is, central people within Judaism, could not fulfill their responsibilities. Jesus had no choice but to take the way of the cross, saying he would return. Jesus said he would return and hold the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Those words meant that after the two thousand years of Christian history, when the Messiah would finally come, he would find God’s only daughter and they would become the True Parents of all humankind.

When you look at the state of the world today, there is no center. Small nations and larger nations only think of their own interests.

In our hearts, we all desire to have a united world—a peaceful happy united world—but so many walls block our way.

However today, we have gathered here under one large dream, which means that you are dreaming the same dream as True Parents are and as God, our creator is.

The only path to solving all the difficult problems of the world today is through the manifestation of the True Parents, who can heal all the problems of all nations, whether rich or poor.

I am saying that all nations, all of you, must attend God, our creator, our heavenly parent in your nations in order for world peace to come.

God raised True Parents through the long period of six-thousand years through the course of restoration through indemnity. True Parents are the only ones who (as the Bible says) can engraft the wild olive tree to the true olive tree.

It is only through that, through receiving the blessing from the True Parents, that you can stand as God’s filial children.

Consider this: We who have gathered here today are in a parent–child relationship with God.

You are able to be God’s children, because the mistakes of our first human ancestors, which prevented us from uniting in a parent–child relationship with God, have been rectified through indemnity.

Therefore, together with the True Parents, UPF and IAPP will become the Abel UN in name and in reality. That means that all the problems of the world will heal in reality, through True Parents. This movement, of creating the kingdom of heaven on earth through educating and healing with a parental heart, is Cheon Il Guk.

I would like to say today to the members of IAPP from many nations of the world, please become tribal messiahs of your respective nations. I pray that you will become proud national messiahs who will save the people of your nations by educating them through the teachings of the substantial True Parents.

Will you do that? Thank you.