Spain: Celebration of Heavenly Parent´s Day


By FFWPU Spain, Maryvonne Jamois

On January 28th 2017, (1.1 in the 5th year of Cheon Il Guk by Heavenly Calendar) we gathered in Madrid to celebrate 50th Heavenly Parent´s Day.

A simple but beautiful offering table was set up to express our gratitude and love for our Heavenly Parent. We recited the pledge and prayed together. We hear a few words given by Maryvonne: Because God is our Parent and is the source of love, He could go on through all the difficulties of the history of restoration. As Heavenly Parent persevered for many thousand years, our True Parents also persevered and never gave up, we also have to continue and become True sons and daughters.

We expressed that determination with three cheers of Ok Mansei and then had breakfast together. A few brothers and sisters went after this to our Holy Ground in Retiro Park to express our gratitude to Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

We continued the celebration of Heavenly Parent´s Day on Sunday January 29th at Sunday Service. Three persons gave a small testimony of how they had experienced God in their life. We were moved to tears as we listened how God is working in the life of our brothers and sisters.

After a coffee break, with “churros y chocolate” (typical Spanish breakfast) we continued the celebration with some entertainment. Once again, we could see how the creativity is something God has given us and is without limit.

We are very grateful to have this opportunity to celebrate together as a big family this Holy Day with the great desire to give joy to our Heavenly Parent.